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Peony & Hydrangea Tricycle Silk Flower Arrangement - Floral Decor

Peony & Hydrangea Tricycle Silk Flower Arrangement - Floral Decor

For a lovely addition to home decor or as a gift, this Peony and Hydrangea Arrangement is ideal.

Ring Ring here comes a bicycle on a summer day! That will be the whimsical feeling this incredible piece will bring forth. The Peony and Hydrangea create the perfect combination of warm-weather color, and placing them together in the cutest little tricycle planter brings a tranquil feeling of days gone by. We loved creating this arrangement almost as much as youll love displaying it. Suffice to say, it also makes a perfect gift.

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Tonner Prudence 16' Ellowyne Wilde Doll Heart Cheshire Cat Alice in Wonderland - Ellowyne Wilde

Tonner Prudence 16' Ellowyne Wilde Doll Heart Cheshire Cat Alice in Wonderland - Ellowyne Wilde

Prudence in the Cheshire Cat outfit as Alice in Wonderland is a 16" fashion doll from Wilde Imagination's Ellowyne Wilde collection released in a limited edition of 500 dolls.   She has inset green eyes, applied eyelashes, hand-painted details, and rooted light blonde hair made of the highest quality fibers.

Prudence as Alice comes dressed in the CHESHIRE CAT complete fashion ensemble from Dollheart'sAlice in Wonderland collection.  Seller added new handmade purple beaded dangle earrings, new solid pink tights and a brand new pair of High & Mighty Purple Boots from the Ellowyne Wilde collection.   Prudence makes a LOVELY version of Alice as she wanders through Wonderland in her Cheshire Kittyinspired outfit.   Travelling with her is a BONUS mini stuffed plush jointed white rabbit with a sheer white top decorated with a pearl button and red ribbon bow.

Dollheart CHESHIRE CAT outfit includes:
  1. Underwear
  2. Petticoat
  3. One piece strapless dress made with pink floral fabric, red & white striped fabric, and a cream or off-white fabric featuring a lacy cream bodice with button decor and a full skirt that is trimmed with tons of lace, pearls, and black ribbon.
  4. Fancy corset worn over the dress
  5. Fancy pin-on fabric bow decorated with pearls, ribbon, and a jewelry cameo
  6. Lacy cream pull-on upper-arm sleeve accessories
  7. Lacy cream pull-on ruffled cuff wrist accessories
  8. Pink floral lace-trimmed neck accessory decorated with gold jingle bell (like the bell on a cat's collar)
  9. Pink floral top hat with attached ruffled extensions decorated with flowers on each side with built-in hair clips
Condition: Doll & outfit are previously owned, in EXCELLENT condition. Original stand, box & shipper included.

Doll Model:  Satin Sheen Prudcnce Dressed 16" Fashion Doll (LE 500) from Wilde Imagination (Tonner)
Outfit Model:  Cheshire Cat MSD (1:4 scale) BJD Outfit from DollHeart

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Do you need a Gift for a Fashionista Tween?

If you are looking for a fun gift idea for a special Tween Girl, this Fabulous Me Gift Basket from  Great Arrivals is very popular! It comes in a Hot Fuchsia Tote that she can carry just about anywhere!

Perfect for the 9-12 year old Miss, this gift basket is focused on pampering! A trendy Happy Birthday Mini Balloon is just the start. Your Fashionista will then find a cosmetic trolley filled with nail polish, nail decals and lipstick. To record all her fun, she will have a journal, "The Fabulous Book of Me" in which to document all her VIP Uniqueness. She can do all this with her Flower Trim Frill Pen, while listening to favorite music she has dowloaded with her $10 iTunes Gift Card.

Included are some tasty gourmet snacks to put a smile on her face: Happy Birthday Gummy Bears,  2 Milk Chocolate Birthday candles and a giant 5" Chocolate Chip Cookie!

Created Just for Her by Great Arrivals
High Quality Popular Gift Basket. Contents are as pictured, however, decorative flowers if shown, are not included. Carefully packaged, so it arrives quickly and safely with Free Shipping. 
Short Gift Message may be included with your basket.. 

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