Monday, February 21, 2022

Pamela Baker: Burst of Spring/Spring Blog 2022

Pamela Baker: Burst of Spring/Spring Blog 2022: A   Burst of Spring Promotional Blog                                                   Purple Pansies/NY Botanical Gardens Celebrate a “Bu...

Friday, July 30, 2021

Feedbac for Bootsie-Boutique

 Feednback from Buyers

Thank you to all our wonderful Buyers and Supporters! 

It has always been our goal to ensure that our products and services meet or exceed your expectations.

As currently there is no way for Buyers on to leave feedback, this space is reserved for your Buyer's Feedback as well as for comments and suggestions.

Thank you.

In case you would like to see what others have said, click here for our eBay Feedback.

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Have you met Jonathan? Today is a good day to do so, it's His Birthday!


Are you ready to kick the pandemic to the curb and toss those Lockdown Casuals? Then you are ready for Jonathan! Please meet on his birthday, May 20, the Creative Owner and Talent behind Lovedee Fashion World!

From Nigeria, he says they have been very fortunate, while sickness has engulfed the rest of the world He credits the strong faith of the people and the "natural foods there, from the sea to land." With such a free and healthy backdrop as his anchor, Jonathan designs.

Surely that is why his Fashions are so fresh and exciting. Please see some below:

"You can have it your way." 

His mantra is "Fashion is Life, thank you Lord for making me one!"  

Check out his Twitter banner!

Handsome and fresh stye for Him!

Remember this young man, as he is going places and fast! 

Happy Happy Birthday, Jonathan!


LOV.DEE lover of fashion that's why am a fashion designer, love to be happy always and to make everyone around me happy, lover of pets

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Shake off the Blues with Music Blogs & More by @LatinaTurk

As our world seems to get worse on an array of fronts each day, with COVID-19, Hurricanes Hanna, Gonzolo and Douglas heading for Texas and Hawaii, along with civil tensions, jobs, school starting in person or online....everyone needs some positivity and a few moments of happiness.

You must see this amazing Music Blog by Ms. Lynn/@LatinaTurk! The colors and images are so inviting,  and the music, enchanting!

An amazing person, Lynn is a multi-talented, bright business-savvy entreprenueur and a kind humanitarian! Her passion is traveling to Turkey to take supplies, gifts and smiles to village in need. She loves tennis, dancing, people, social media and of course, music! 

Here are some of her favorite places to post:

So if you, like most of us, are feeling a bit overwhelmed by all that is happening around us, please visit one of Lynn's fun sites to escape and re-energize!