Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Vintage Hand Painted Porcelain Ceramic Bead Necklace Roses - St. Petersburg

Vintage Hand Painted Porcelain Ceramic Bead Necklace Roses - Starfisher
This lovely vintage necklace is made from 35 white ceramic or porcelain beads with each one having a detailed hand painted pink and red rose and a little blue flower with green stems and leaves. The beads are not exactly the same and have slight differences that are indicative of being hand painted and hand made. There is a white spacer bead with thin brass spacers on each side dividing the larger painted ones. It measures approximately 28 inches in length and 5/8 of an inch wide.

Vintage Fenton Burmese Hand Painted Rose Large Vase - TobysArtAndBooks

Vintage Fenton Burmese Hand Painted Rose Large Vase - TobysArtAndBooks
This glass was originally produced in 1885 by Fred Shirley of the Mt. Washington Glass Company in New Bedford, Massachusetts.  Fenton reproduced this rare glass for a very limited number of years or 1972 to 1978.  Legend states that the name was provided by Queen Victoria who upon receipt of a gift of this glass, was said to have exclaimed that the rich tones of blushing pink reminded her of a Burmese sunset. 

Wedding Memory Glass Pendant Designed for You - Central Texas

A beautiful way to remember a loved one when planning your wedding jewelry. Find a very special piece of jewelry in your jewelry drawer~ a charm from a bracelet, a small pendant,an earrings perhaps, and send it to me to include in a pendant design especially for your wedding, birthday or whatever occasion you are having. The pendant you see is white fusing and dichroic glass fired in my kiln. One of my grandmother's favorite earrings was wired to the piece with sterling silver wire, including a shimmery Swarovski crystal.  

Silk Floral Folk Embroidery Masterpiece Art Framed - Asmatcollection

Silk Floral Folk Embroidery Masterpiece Art Framed - Boca Raton
 You are buying the hand embroidery panel on the first 6 pictures item 13:  31" x "23,5 We have added additional photos of some others we will be listing, or that are already listed, to show you the variety we have available in floral patterns. This is a stunning painting masterpiece, not done with paint, but completely hand embroidered with the best of hand-twisted silk threads (Silk is very time-consuming to work with, but last for centuries) & with extreme intense detail and fantastic colors, embroidered by hand, stitch by stitch, by an artist, this work of art is a time consuming process that takes a few months to complete and sold at fraction of its value plus we have framed it professionally for free.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Antiques Fun from Barntiques859

Antique Primitive Goat Cart Hay Wagon 

An authentic,1880's, antique primitive goat cart in old red paint with all original parts. Well soaked in boiled linseed oil to waterproof and preserve it. This came from an old farm barn in No. NH.
Dimensions: Length: 55 inches with handle not included.
                         height: 30 inches, 45 with handle up.
                         width: 35 inches.
 front wood wheels with iron rims are 17H with 8 spokes.
 rear  wood wheels with iron rims are 20 inches with 10 spokes.
The cart is functional wheels and axels great. No rot. Minimal to no rust.

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