Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Silk Floral Folk Embroidery Masterpiece Art Framed - Asmatcollection

Silk Floral Folk Embroidery Masterpiece Art Framed - Boca Raton
 You are buying the hand embroidery panel on the first 6 pictures item 13:  31" x "23,5 We have added additional photos of some others we will be listing, or that are already listed, to show you the variety we have available in floral patterns. This is a stunning painting masterpiece, not done with paint, but completely hand embroidered with the best of hand-twisted silk threads (Silk is very time-consuming to work with, but last for centuries) & with extreme intense detail and fantastic colors, embroidered by hand, stitch by stitch, by an artist, this work of art is a time consuming process that takes a few months to complete and sold at fraction of its value plus we have framed it professionally for free.

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