Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Melanesia Massim Oceanic Primitive Art Trobriands Handcarved - Boca Raton

Rare item, a masterpiece of handcarving by very primitive culture: Melanesia Massim Kula Trobriand hand carved Kwila wood Large Reef  Rock Fish statue.
 This is a beautiful completely hand carved hand crafted Melanesian (remote Massim region) kwila piece seen on photo 1 to 11 with many inserts of  circles of mother of pearl, these little circles or tears of pearl shell are glued with natural gum glues or sap obtained from trees after an insert is first created to fit them, from the isolated , beautifully carved by a local master carver with rudimentary tools. We show pictures of people and yam houses we took when we go there, and other examples of Trobriand hand carved art on the following photo.

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