Sunday, September 8, 2013

Imagination Comes Alive with Costumes by Rod White

 Children live in a magical world where imagination is queen/king and everything is possible. In the twinkling of an eye they can magically overcome monsters and evil forces, fly majestically through the air, conjure up fairies and elves, or become adored princes and princesses. Oh, to return to those days!

Although we, as parents, can’t go back so easily to those carefree and magical worlds, we can encourage their existence in our children. Imagination is one thing, but allowing children to act out their fantasies brings an entirely different perspective to the adventures. For this reason, children adore chances to dress up for Halloween or other similar costume party events. These activities allow them to physically experience the energy of their imaginations which is both exciting and healthy.

If your toddlers, children, or tweens have upcoming events requiring costumes, check out the wide variety of costume ideas at Bootsie’s Boutique on Bonanza. Here you will find dozens of incredibly cute and creative Halloween costumes and others that will make your youngsters the hit of the event.

At Bootsie’s Boutique, boys will find costumes that transform them into such popular characters as Harry Potter and Batman. They may also enjoy selections including pirates, GI Joe fighters, ghosts and ghouls, wizards, and ninjas.

Girls will giggle with joy as they masquerade as Snow White, American Idol, Cinderella, Lady Gaga, or Sleeping Beauty. Perhaps your little lady would rather don costumes representing adorable princesses, pirate lasses, fairies, cow girls, witches, mermaids, angels, dancers, or rock stars. 

Toddlers also find dressing up in costumes a fun experience, not to mention they look extremely cute and make wonderful photos for display. Dress your tots up in such costume delights as precious fearless lion cubs, baby dragons, Batman, and ballerina dancers.

Bootsie’s Boutique even offers some costume accessories like wizard staffs as well as the occasional pet costumes so Fido can join in on the adventure!

Jump over to Bootsie’s Boutique on Bonanza and start shopping for your children’s next costume party or Halloween costumes. Just be warned, they may want more than one! But that’s ok because the high quality child costumes offered at Bootsie’s Bootique are affordable so you can satisfy all of their adventurous fantasies!


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