Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Copper WireWrap Gemstone Handcrafted Mushroom Necklace-Agate Apple Paperweight - from @RockOnByAudi

Enjoy the Magic of Audi Lee, aka Rock On By Audi!

This listing is for both the paperweight and the gemstone necklace!

Handcrafted Copper Wire Wrapped Jasper Gemstone Mushroom Necklace:

I called this a "mushroom" because I crafted it to have the appearance + I thought it made a fun set with the agate apple.

 The copper wire-wrapped gemstones are approx 1.5" long. The black cord is approx 27" and is adjustable. 
Banded Agate Gemstone Apple Paperweight:
This beautiful carved apple paperweight is a polished Agate gemstone. The appearance of Agates are waxy and soft, usually banded, sometimes translucent with small crystals, various sizes. The closeup pictures I think really pick up on these factors. I've seen this same item referred to as Onyx and Marble. In my book "The Crystal Bible" "A definitive guide to crystals", this is an Agate by appearance and definition.
The approx. measurements are 1-3/4", 2" with the hook. The circumference at the widest area is approx. 6-1/3". The hook has a little bit of tarnish, you can see it in the enlarged pictures.The stem is small and not very noticeable.

From the earliest of times, humans have used stones and crystals for a wide variety of reasons. They've been used for building, as tools, adornments, weapons, instruments of prophecy, and implements of healing.

Please find Audi and many more of her creations on Bonanza, Etsy and more. She is clearly everywhere, like a magical sprite. Her site tries to keep up with her and gives visitors music and fun all in one stop: http://www.audilee.com

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