Saturday, May 4, 2013

Kuna Abstract Art Mola Handstitched Applique Glam from Oceania San Blas Islands (Panama)

Molas, Molas, Molas Make The World Vibrantly and Creatively More Beautiful!

Who has the most intriguing Collection in the World? Dominique Rice, World Adventure Traveler Extraordinaire! Her finds are in fine museums and collections around the globe!

Here is some of the fascinating history of this rare art form: 

Molas are wonderful traditional folk art hand stitched fabric panels that the Kuna women, from Indian tribes living in the remote San Blas islands off the coast of Panama, wear on the front and back of their blouses. They are masterpieces of time consuming intricate textile art, each created by an artistic accomplished seamstress with imagination, technique, originality and talent and each is unique: they are delicately and minutely hand sewn recreating either an abstract geometric motif reminiscent of body tattoos from their past,  the brain coral that surrounds the islands, or inspired by kuna history, religion, shamanism or daily life and by what surrounds the makers such as nature, birds, animals, etc…  and they are highly collectable in the world or textiles and visual arts. We sell them to museums and collectors all over the world. ...more

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