Thursday, May 23, 2013

Victorian Dolls & Tea Sets by Rod White @WriterRod

Victorian Dolls & Tea Sets: Great Gifts and Collectibles That Help Charities

What little girl doesn’t adore and appreciate beautiful dolls? When given as gifts, such dolls are cherished throughout childhood and are carried around affectionately in the home as well as taken on errands, overnight stays and vacations. Most of these companion dolls then end up sitting poised majestically (although a little worn from all those years of affection) in special areas when adulthood arrives to be shared with those who enter and as reminders of happier, carefree days.

Of course, some never grow out of that doll-loving phase and continue collecting them throughout their lives. Various dolls of all looks and styles grace shelves, are encased in special settings, and are displayed elegantly on stands and tables. For such folks, receiving Victorian dolls or other models as gifts is just as exciting and still brings that magical twinkle in their eye.

Tea sets are other items that whisk a child or childlike collector off into another world where sitting down with fairies, princes, and other imaginary creatures as well as family and friends is an adored experience. Hours can be spent tipping tea pots, sipping on tiny cups and chatting away about the day’s adventures.

Neill’s Deals at offers a wonderful selection of beautiful Victorian dolls and other selections as well as gorgeous designer tea sets that can be given as gifts or purchased for your own collections. At Neill’s Deals, you’ll find elegantly dressed dolls, soft and plush dolls, trendy fashion dolls and even precious stuffed animals.

The best part about buying your gifts of Victorian dolls and tea sets from Neill’s Deals is that a majority of the proceeds go to a number of fine charities. By purchasing children’s gifts and collectables from Neill’s Deals at, you indirectly provide a donation to such charities as Paralyzed Veterans of America, Wounded Veterans, Three Hots & A Cot Shelter for Homeless Veterans in Alabama, AmVets, USO, Kidney Foundation, Leukemia-Lymphoma Society, Cerebral Palsy facility in Maryland, Fisher House, Project Hawaii/Christmas Wish for Homeless Children and moms, and many more. To see other worthy recipients of your Neill’s Deals purchase proceeds, visit

When it comes to putting a smile on a little girl’s face or bringing joy to a collector’s heart, beautiful Victorian dolls and colorful tea sets from Neill’s Deals will certainly do the trick. What’s more, your purchases will help put a smile on another’s face and bring a ray of hope to their heart through your indirect contribution. Visit Neill’s Deals at today and give special gifts of beauty and love!

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